When you’re out in the open air, there are certain pollutants that you simply can’t avoid. There’s no quick fix for testing and improving the quality of outdoor air, but there’s more you can do when it comes to the air inside your home, which is generally much worse than the outdoors. If you’re bothered by pollutants or allergens in your home, or if you’re not sure how clean it is at all, then there are certain ways you can test your indoor air quality.

Do you need indoor air testing?

If you’re not sure how good the quality of air in your home is, there are some signs you can look out for. If you notice that your allergies are much worse at home or that you experience different symptoms at home compared to other places, then you may have a problem with your home’s air. You can also look out for things like mold in your house that could be emitting spores, and any houseplants can also be a good signal of air quality as they won’t be able to thrive in poor quality air.

DIY testing kits

There are various at-home testing kits you can buy online to help you test the concentration of certain pollutants. You can buy specific kits for mold testing and radon testing, for example, and a carbon monoxide detector is always recommended for homes as this is an otherwise undetectable gas. The cost of the kits will depend on what you’re testing for, but Green Home Guide shares that kits start from $90 to buy.

Professional air testing

While DIY testing kits can be cheaper, they are also less reliable than bringing in the professionals to test the quality of air in your home. Often, people may use at-home testing kits to screen for potential problems, and then call the professionals for further diagnosis and recommendations if a problem is detected. According to Home Advisor, the national average for testing indoor air quality is $411.

If not properly cleaned and maintained, your HVAC system can contribute to poor air quality in your home. So, it is important to regularly check and change your air filter and clean your ducts to remove accumulated dust. Repairs and maintenance should not be ignored as this could lead to pollutants entering your indoor air.

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