Many homes are lacking healthy indoor air quality, but we’ve got some tips that will keep your family breathing fresh, healthy air.   

According to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), in most industrialized cities, indoor air pollution can be worse than the air outside! Since we spend a majority of our time indoors, it’s important to ensure we are breathing the healthiest air possible.

Bring nature inside.

It’s known that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. House plants are a great place to start if you’re looking to freshen the air in your home. These are the most popular (and easy to care for): Aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, and snake plant. These plants require little sunlight and water, sot heir perfect for indoors.

Let in fresh air

Your home’s air is circulated and recycled. Though it is cleaned and cooled, it still doesn’t compare to fresh air and will be harder to breathe. Crack or open a window on a nice day to let the recirculated air out and the fresh air in.

Clean the floors

Dust and particles that end up on the floor could later end up in the air you breathe. Clean your floors regularly and use rugs and mats where possible, especially at the entrances of your home.

Replace your air filter

Every air filter comes with manufacturer’s recommendations on how often to replace it, but different homes have different needs. The air that is recirculated through your home first travels through the filter. Changing your air filter when it’s dirty will increase air flow and quality in your home.

No indoor smoking

We know that smoking is directly harmful to our health, but it could also be indirectly affecting your family if you smoke inside. For an in depth look at how these particles and chemicals are affecting your health, check out this article. Then ask your smokers to go outside.

Other simple tasks can keep your home clean, like grooming your pets more often and cleaning your ceiling fans regularly, but the best defense against poor air quality is regular preventative maintenance from your HVAC technician.

Since all your air is circulated through one main system, it’s imperative that this systems works properly and efficiently. Schedule a check-up today and ask your tech for more clean air tips.