If you’ve just moved into a new house, there can be a lot of things to get used to. Maybe you’re planning on doing some renovations and repairs to really make the house feel like your home. One thing that you might find is that the HVAC system that is already in place in this home has some issues that need addressing.

For anyone in this position, here are a few things you need to know and consider before repairing or replacing the house’s existing HVAC system.

The age of the system

How old is the HVAC system that is already installed in the house? If it’s a relatively new system that isn’t working properly, there may be a simple, fixable issue. Check for any blockages in the vents and the outside unit for an immediate explanation. Any more serious issues in a new unit should be isolated and repairable by a professional.

If the unit is older, then it is more likely to need replacing rather than simply repairing. The unit may have just become inefficient with time, or parts have started to wear down, so one part failing may mean that the others are on their way out, too. Read our blog for more guidance on whether to repair or replace your HVAC unit.

The size of the house

If you are replacing the HVAC system, it is important to know how much space you need to heat or cool, so the size of your house is important. If you install a system that is too large or powerful for the space, you will end up with a much higher electricity bill than you need. Conversely, a system that’s too small won’t be effective at heating and cooling the space.

You should also consider any work you are going to do to the house. The current system may have been enough to suit the size of the house, but if you’re planning on adding an extension to the house, a larger HVAC system may be required. Alternatively, if you’re doing a lot of work to improve the home’s insulation, then you could get away with a less powerful system.

The cost of a new system

Finally, you need to factor in how much a new HVAC system will cost. This will obviously vary depending on the size of the unit you need, but you should make sure you have the budget available to repair and maintain a new HVAC system. Repairing the system can save you money at first, but could end up being costlier in the long run, especially if it is an older unit.

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